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Artificial lift systems are an important part of production operations for the entire lifecycle of an asset. Often, oil and gas wells require artificial lift for most of the life cycle. This 5-day training course offers a thorough treatment of artificial lift techniques including design and operation for production optimization. With the increasing need to optimize dynamic production in highly constrained cost environments, opportunities and issues related to real-time measurements and optimization techniques needs to be discussed and understood. Artificial lift selection and life cycle analysis are covered. These concepts are discussed and reinforced using case studies, quizzing tools, and exercises with software. Participants solve examples and class problems throughout the course. Animations and videos reinforce the concepts under discussion.

Understanding of these important production concepts is a must have to exploit the existing assets profitably.

Unique Features:

  • Hands-on usage of SNAP Software to solve gas-lift exercises
  • Discussion on digital oil field
  • Machine learning applications in gas-lift optimization

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