About this Training Course

This fast paced 3-day training course will address topics related to the world of energy with a purpose to provide a holistic perspective on the theme of investment decision making. The course modules will not specifically focus on one technique but an array of tools and methods to improve the investment decision making process.

The course will address a number of questions:

  • What is a good investment decision?
  • What are ways to work around human bias?
  • Why is the discount rate not a good measure of risk?
  • How does risk management relate to decision making?
  • What are issues with the internal rate of return as a decision metric?
  • How do we develop meaningful price scenarios?
  • How do we structure an effective decision process?
  • How do we get to grips with geopolitical uncertainties?
  • When is Monte Carlo simulation a good idea?
  • How do we factor in climate change?
  • and many others

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