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Governments, regulators and energy companies are pursuing CO2 storage technologies to meet their net-zero carbon commitments as well as targets set by the international Paris Agreement on climate change. For successfully executing Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) projects, various technical, operational, economic and environmental risks and associated stakeholders need to be managed. In this 5 half-day Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course, the methods for managing risk in CCS projects are addressed with a focus on CO2 injection and storage. The VILT course will also demonstrate how to assess storage capacity of a potential CO2 storage reservoir, model framing techniques, and well injectivity issues related to CO2 injection. The potential leak paths will be discussed such as reservoir seals, leakage along faults and aspects of well integrity. In the VILT course, the design of a monitoring programme will also be discussed. The VILT course will be supported by various case studies. This VILT course will cover the following modules:
  1. CCS projects in an international context
  2. Site selection and site characterization
  3. Storage capacity assessment
  4. Injectivity assessment
  5. Containment assessment
  6. Measurement, monitoring & verification

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