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Covering the dynamics of the gas industry, this 8 half-day Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course enables participants to gain in-depth knowledge of gas market and economic evaluation of gas projects. The first part of this VILT course will provide the general industry overview of the gas market, nature of natural gas, the global market place, estimating gas reserves, petroleum resources management system, development and economics of shale gas and impact of shale gas on LNG market. The second part of the VILT course will provide setup of economic analysis cases, including the estimation commodity prices, project costs – CAPEX, OPEX, taxes, royalties, transportation, depreciation, before-tax (BTAX) cash-flow, after-tax (ATAX) cash-flow, international fiscal regimes (production sharing agreement and concessionary system). The VILT course starts from the basic required parameters of inflation, interest and time value of money. These concepts are then transformed into profitability indicators. Last but not the least, the profitability indicators are then used to make investment decisions. The emphasis of this VILT course is to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and their practical limitations. The participants will be able to appreciate the amount of information that they never thought of. Another emphasis of this VILT course is also on the use of Excel’s financial functions. This understanding is very critical when it comes to building economic cash-flow models. Over the years, we have seen that participants really struggle with using the Excel functions correctly and this leads to mistakes that can be easily avoided. In each session, multiple choice problems are provided to participants to reinforce their understanding of the concepts covered in the VILT course. Many tricks – not widely known – are also shared with the participants. The concepts covered in this VILT course are not restricted to downstream, upstream or petrochemical projects. These concepts can be used to evaluate any type of investment under consideration.

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