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The quest for clean energy leading to deployment of wind farms and solar fields offshore has been increasing at much faster pace than anticipated. Going forward to 2050, renewable energy will be the primary source of new electricity generation as projected by EIA’s International Energy Outlook. This translates in the launch of ambitious construction projects of wind farms in offshore and harsh environments. China, India, and the US being the major consumers are also the nations with major expansion for installation of windmills.

The construction of such sites requires the continuous use of customised support vessels like CSOVs and WIVs, besides Jack-up Rigs. The traditional Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) like PSVs, AHTS and MPSVs are not designed for Windfarms and Solar Energy Fields. The need for customised CSOVs, ASVs and WIVs is increasing, and demand is evidenced by the number of such vessels on order with deliveries expected from 2023 onwards.

Therefore, the Charterparty Agreement cannot be the same as SUPPLYTIME, TOWCON, TOWHIRE or other traditional Charterparty Forms. This 3 full-day course is developed to prepare commercial and operation personnel of both Owners and Charterers, to ensure contentions free and smooth chartering management for profitable operations.

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