Shell Petroleum Company

“Great training, particularly not easy virtually! EnergyEDGE did the best with quality lecturer and material. ”

Schlumberger Ltd

“Trainer is extremely knowledgeable about the topic and he can give real life examples. I liked the experiments and interactive sessions of showing pictures and drawings on the board the best”

Medco Energi

“Thank you for arranging such a fruitful course I have gained so much knowledge during the 5 days. The instructor was beyond helpful and made sure to deliver the information at his best.”

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

““Online training provided by EnergyEDGE is outstanding as it was delivered by a very knowledgeable and experienced presenters utilizing intuitive technology to facilitate student interactions and meaningful class session. ”

PCS Pte. Ltd

“The training provided me with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in identifying potential hazards, analyzing risks, and developing effective control measures. The interactive sessions and case studies enabled me to apply HAZOP methodology confidently in real-world scenarios. Overall, the workshop enhanced my competency in ensuring process safety and operational excellence within my organization.”

Petroleum Sarawak Berhad (PETROS)

“I had little knowledge of the industry before this event. However, now I am well informed and can engage in more conversation related to the industry with my colleagues. It was a very informative event, and it makes me become more aware of the risk related to the industry.”

Carigali Hess Operating Company Sdn Bhd

Definitely recommended for those who wish to have an overview of project management & would like to understand the role of different disciplines in field development. Integration is usually overlooked


Very good programme as it provided the methodology and steps of developing competencies in Oil & Gas

Baker Hughes

“The course was one of the best courses I have attended and the trainer is a great instructor. His training delivery style & material were outstanding and very easy to consume. I would recommend it to everyone.”