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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This 8 half-day Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course reviews the fundamentals of Casing Design and builds on them to address well design challenges associated with deep, extended reach, HPHT and deepwater wells.

Participants will review the theories of both uniaxial and triaxial pipe strength as per API Bulletin 5C3 and ISO/TR 10400, the implications of manufacturing standards and tolerances as per API Specification 5CT and the impact of downhole environmental conditions.

Participants will also master the process of detailed casing design, identifying relevant load conditions for the lifetime of the well and producing an optimised casing scheme that can withstand triaxial burst and biaxial collapse loading under downhole conditions.

Service Load design challenges including buckling and trapped annular pressures will be addressed as well as managing the impact of corrosion and casing wear.

Participants will develop an understanding of how connections are tested using ISO 13679 and how to select suitably pre-qualified connections for use in a well.

The use and limitations of spreadsheets for routine design will also be reviewed. The capabilities and limitations of casing design software for advanced casing design will be addressed.

The following modules will be covered:

  1. Overview of Casing Classifications and Definitions
  2. Data Required for Casing Design
  3. Industry Standards and Specifications
  4. Formation Strength, Kick Tolerance and Casing Seat Selection
  5. Pipe Performance, Tolerances and Properties
  6. Casing Connection Qualification and Selection
  7. Installation, Drilling and Service Loads for Casing
  8. Casing Design and Safety Factors
  9. Wellhead Selection
  10. Special Design Considerations

By the end of this VILT course, participants will learn how to:

  • Optimise preliminary casing design
  • Perform casing seat selection to satisfy a range of well performance parameters and barrier standards
  • Select suitable casing sizes to meet well completion objectives and produce a workable casing scheme utilising casing strings, liners and expandable tubulars
  • Examine the impact on casing scheme and cementing program on well abandonment

This VILT course is intended for drilling engineers who seek to develop an advanced understanding of casing design. While the content will best suit an engineer who is already familiar with the fundamentals of casing design, there is sufficient review of these principles and practices to make the course manageable for a drilling engineer new to the subject.

The VILT course is underpinned by a Well Design project that runs throughout the course. Participants will have the opportunity to complete manual and spreadsheet based casing design calculations to complete preliminary and detailed casing design on production, intermediate and surface casing strings.

The VILT will be delivered online in 8 half-day modules consisting 4 hours per day, with 2 breaks of 15 minutes per day. Each session will comprise 4 x 1-hour sessions with +/- 15-minute breaks between sessions. Break times will be adjusted to provide one extended break for Prayers. Sessions will be delivered from Monday to Thursday over two weeks.

Course Duration: 8 half-day sessions, 4 hours per session (32 hours in total).


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Best in the field for Well Control and Casing Design

Drilling Engineer Apache Corporation

Every drilling engineer should take this course beside well control course

Drilling Engineer, Kangean Energy Indonesia

The trainer is an experienced guy on well engineering. Knowledge not only from books but greatly from his personal experience in the industry, which is much more beneficial for people improving in well engineering.

Well Engineer, Shell China E&P

The trainer's well control and casing design training sessions that I attended held great content and quality.

Drilling Project Manager, Arrow Energy

Very good trainer. Well prepared. Good venue.

Drilling Engineer, Kangean Energy Indonesia