About this Training Course 

This program is designed for in depth understanding of Inspection of piping and pipelines under operation and in-service as per API 570. This preparatory course will prepare inspectors to ensure piping and pipeline integrity in service. Practical aspect of design considerations, sizing, rating, piping and pipeline integrity, internal inspections, analysis, repair, pressure testing, and pipeline protection shall be discussed. The program shall also provide more information about types of piping system defects which may crop in during operation, repairs, maintenance and alteration. This will lead the participants to prepare them for ensuring good quality and safety of operating piping and pipelines so that they are safe in operations and ensure preventing any incident.

The training program will include instructions, guidelines and orientation to:

  • Understanding engineering issues of piping and pipelines and to assess the quality control requirements during operation and maintenance
  • Understanding of the piping and pipeline integrity management stages and procedures
  • Understand the possibility of defects creeping during operation, their detection using proper inspection and NDT
  • Understanding Inspection and monitoring processes, Interpretations, Reporting (Referring ASME BPV Code Sec IX)

This training course is designed to train individuals who are interested in Inspection of Pipelines as per their Design Codes (ASME B31.3, B31.8) following steps listed in API 570 and other relevant API standards.

After undertaking the training course, Pipeline Inspectors will be able to understand;

  • Inspectors Responsibilities,
  • Personal and general pipeline safety
  • Environmental, Safety and pollution control
  • General Pipeline alteration, repair Inspection Procedures

The preparatory course will assist engineers in successfully appearing for In-service Piping and Pipeline Inspectors Certification Examinations (for API 570) conducted by API and covers the prescribed body of knowledge and effectivity sheets for 2018 examinations. 

Pipeline Engineers/ managers, Quality Control and Technical Supervisory Personnel, Personnel responsible for implementing integrity management programs of pipelines, Project managers, Operation and Maintenance Engineers.

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