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PE1785 26 - 29 Aug 2024 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia USD 3,875 4,055 4,306 4,506

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26 - 29 Aug 2024


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Team of 10
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*Fee per person in a team of 7 or 10 participating from the same organisation, registering 6 weeks before the course date
Request for a quote if you have different team sizes, content customisation, alternative dates or course timing requirements
Request for in-person classroom training or online (VILT) training format

About this Training Course 

This 4-day practical workshop is an essential introduction for participants wishing to develop or enhance a keen understanding of Upstream Oil & Gas Decision Economics, the economic drivers and impacts upon all parties involved. Participants should attend with laptops running Microsoft Office, a PDF reader – and preferably without restrictive IT firewall. (Proprietary Trial Downloads may be suggested)

This course offers a concise but practical introduction to the essential elements of E & P Decision Economics with particular emphasis on practical issues – what takes place, and why. It will be suitable both for those new to the subject and for more focused refresher training with more practical real-world elements. The emphasis throughout is on marshalling all aspects of the ‘Business Case’ required by decision-makers, including both descriptive and illustrative modelling of the range of ‘Government Take’ mechanisms deployed in conventional taxation and alternative contract regimes. We also examine simple but effective techniques to model the essentials of E&P Project Risk.

Effective management of the world’s invaluable natural resources has never been more important than now, given continuing population increases coupled with rising and more complex lifestyle choices within rapidly developing economies. Both Governments and E&P companies share a huge responsibility to ensure effective stewardship and market application oil & gas resources. Without both good commercial decisions and incentivised tax regime systems this irreplaceable resource would remain beneath the surface – or else generate little net value for either companies or society. All managers and key energy professionals – within both Government and Industry – need a good practical appreciation of the underlying investment decision principles.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Developing a keen practical appreciation of the essential drivers and principles within E&P Decision Economics.
  • Encouraging incisive discussion on techniques employed, backed up by practical ‘hands-on’
  • Banishing the ‘Black-Box’ mentality – all participants will leave ready to ask the right questions!
  • Appreciation of the role of ‘corporate beliefs’ – and consequent range in potential valuations
  • Comprehending principles underlying the range of ‘Fiscal Devices’ deployed by Governments
  • Appreciating potential Tax Regime impact – both Company and National Agency decision-making
  • Appreciation of linkages: Conventional Economic Indicators and Corporate Financial Measures
  • Encouraging a broad appreciation of Quantitative Risk management, Asset and Portfolio level
  • Interpreting the range of model outputs to help enhance capital investment decision-making
  • Understanding Commercial Fundamentals to aid within Planning, Negotiations and Bidding

This course will benefit:

  • Economists and strategists in National and International Oil Companies
  • Petrotechnical staff contributing key data
  • Exploration and Field Development analysts
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Legal and Contracts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Accountants/ Auditors
  • Business Development
  • M & A negotiators
  • Production Sharing contract specialists

Your Expert Course Instructor has been a career commercial specialist and frontline E&P Commercial Manager, with nearly 40 years’ continuous involvement in economics and business management, mostly within upstream oil. Following a degree in quantitative economics and finance, an early career in regional economic planning gave way to business analysis roles in the UK State Oil Company BNOC, and mainstream commercial management in the privatised ‘Britoil’. Following the merger with BP in 1988, he was commercial manager of Northern North Sea Projects and Ventures, moving into central commercial roles overviewing major investment process and commercial staff training and development. He devised and led the implementation of various State Oil & Gas Company skills programmes, has widely varied global experience across many different cultures, and is a master-accredited team working practitioner. He now works on varied international assignments within AGR Petroleum Services.

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Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

Well-structured course, useful ideas, and background understanding in Petroleum Risk Analysis and Economics.

Lead Petroleum Engineer, NPCP

This 4-day training has increased my capacity for evaluating assets.

GM – Asset Development & New Ventures, WalterSmith

A good refreshment to what you already know and a great course to take further in the day-to-day job application.

Finance & Economics, Mitra Energy

Excellent and brilliant course!

Manager, Petronas Carigali

It’s good to know what I don’t know.

Senior Business Analyst, PT Pertamina

Great course, has opened up my eyes and share a lot of light on many 'grey areas' of my knowledge of the industry.

Legal Executive, Brunei National Petroleum Company

The course was an ideal introduction to the economics that drive the upstream Petroleum decision making process and the external influences that can make an impact upon these decisions.

Middle East & Asia Pacific Regional Accounting Centres Director, Baker Hughes

A good course and overview with a very knowledgeable trainer.

Petroleum Engineer, APA Group

General overview of Petroleum Economics & PSC modelling workshop brings enlightenment and comprehensive understanding regarding the subject

Senior Project Engineer - Project Management Division, SKK Migas

PetroEdge courses are focused and well designed to be applicable to a narrow-medium audience, therefore, good value.

Sales Manager, CGG Multiclient & New Ventures

A thoroughly interesting and comprehensive understanding of the practices in the context of economics in the petroleum industry.

Senior Compliance Officer, NOPTA