Marine and Offshore > Decarbonisation of Shipping- Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

The aim of the course is to provide participants with a clear understanding of the key issues around decarbonisation of the maritime shipping sector, fuel options, as well as strategies that shipping companies can put in place to achieve decarbonisation. The course further investigates possible scenarios for shipping decarbonisation in the future and the outlook of different alternative fuels. Participants will be equipped with the necessary insight and skills to face future challenges in the shipping industry and to put in place effective strategies for decarbonisation in this industry, or contribute to define them, depending on their scope of work or activities.

The course allows participants for regular interaction with the trainer and actual case studies to have practical knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in the course

  • Understand the key issues around decarbonisation of the maritime shipping sector, and key trends affecting the decarbonisation
  • Be able to effectively assess the advantages and disadvantages of alternative fuels for shipping, their economics, capabilities and emissions profiles
  • Learn about decarbonisation strategies of major shipping companies, engine and ship manufacturers, as well as operational procedures for decarbonisation
  • Be able to design business models for the decarbonisation of shipping via both vertical and horizontal integration, and how to leverage the new value chain of a decarbonized shipping business
  • Learn about possible scenarios for the decarbonisation of shipping and pathways to those scenarios

The course is aimed at all personnel working in and around the shipping industry who is being affected directly or indirectly by the need to put in place decarbonisation measures. It is particularly aimed at personnel working on strategy and business development, fleet management, operations, regulatory and policy issues, investment and valuation, planning and scenario analysis.

  • Strategy and business development functions
  • Shipping fuel producers
  • Shipping companies representatives
  • Ship and ship engines designers
  • Banking and finance functions
  • Government ministries and departments
  • Port infrastructure operators and business planners
  • Shipping industry regulators
  • Shipping sector analysts
  • Anyone else interested in the decarbonisation of shipping

The VILT will be delivered online in 3 sessions comprising 4 hours per day, with 2 breaks of 10 minutes per day, including time for lectures, discussion, quizzes and short classroom exercises.

Your course expert has more than 10 years of work experience in the energy business. Throughout his career, he worked across regulatory and policy development, as well as commercial and business development activities. He worked closely in multiple functions with a variety of organisations from major corporations to governments and energy regulatory agencies. He supported their commercial development, business model evolution, project development, regulatory analysis among many other areas of their business. His key areas of expertise include commercial development, business development and strategy activities, regulatory and policy analysis as well as market analysis. Some of the key projects he contribute to include the Trans Adriatic Pipeline commercial strategy and development of commercial agreements, the support in the development of new business models for energy infrastructure companies, as well as the support to regulators in the reform of new regulatory frameworks and development of their capabilities. He worked across multiple areas of the energy sector, including natural gas, as well as renewable energy and renewable gasses.

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