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About this Training Course

From 1980 to 2000, the production of shale gas increased from zero to 1% of the total US gas production. But the next 20 years saw shale gas contribution jumping to more than 60% of total US gas production. With the adoption of latest technology and new practices, shale gas production has increased significantly. This training course will recap the status of the research and understanding on shale gas, starting from the fundamentals as well as the enabling technologies for its development in this course. We will attempt to answer why each well behaves differently and why we can’t make each well behave like a P10 well.

Unconventional evaluation and development requires a multi-disciplinary approach compared to conventional. All pieces from evaluation to drilling, multi-stage fracturing and economics must fall in the right place to make such development possible. This course will help participants identify the essentials of each discipline in the context of shale gas development.

More than 20,000 shale wells will be drilled and completed this year in the US. What can we learn from all the shale wells drilled and completed so far using data mining science? Through this 5-day course, participants will be equipped with a better understanding of value-added practices learned from this vast amount of data.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe different US shale plays, their unique characteristics, challenges and technologies employed.
  • Estimate gas and oil in-place and reserves for resource play using different resource evaluation techniques.
  • Examine key technologies in drilling, completion, and stimulation for unconventional field development.
  • Evaluate and forecast individual well and reservoir performance.

The course will benefit anyone interested in assimilating the learnings of shale gas development over the last 20 years. Reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, completion engineers, geologists, and petrophysicists will greatly benefit from this course which will enable them to extend their knowledge beyond their respective discipline and shale gas specific knowledge in their own discipline. Each topic will be discussed starting from fundamentals to the latest developments and case histories.

Your expert course leader is an established industry professional with 36 years of worldwide experience, having spent 20 years with Schlumberger as Interpretation and Production Enhancement Manager, 4 years with ENI as subsurface lead manager, 6 years with PETRONAS as principal reservoir engineer, and 6.5 years with Baker Hughes as Reservoir and Production Manager. He is a subject matter expert in unconventional resources and EOR. His core expertise includes tight gas reservoir engineering, field development planning in conventional and unconventional plays, reservoir management, fluid sampling and analysis, production enhancement, geomechanics, hydraulic fracturing, EOR, and unconventional gas.

He has published more than 15 SPE papers. He previously worked as a petrophysicist for 3 years before moving on to reservoir engineering. Along with dual skills of reservoir engineering and petrophysics in service and oil companies in 10 different countries and numerous sandstone and carbonate fields and equipped with industry and academic experience, he has managed large teams, projects, and business across countries. His role varied from team lead, to subsurface manager and mentor; in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs; from land to deep-water projects. He is also a visiting lecturer for post graduate courses in Well Testing and Reservoir Simulation.

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