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About this Training Course

LNG is the fuel for energy in the present time and for the foreseeable future. This is in response to the risks of climate change and the urgent need for reduction of GHG emissions.

In the interim, the transition from coal and oil – fired power plants to a clean source of energy by using natural gas is an immediate solution. Therefore, the demand for transportation and storage of LNG is increasing progressively year-on-year, despite the temporary setback due to wars and related trade sanctions.

This 3 full-day course is developed with an initiative-taking approach to prepare for countering both present and future challenges in the successful development of offshore gas production, storage, and transportation.

The underlying objectives are:

  1. Gain an understanding of the technologies and competitive designs for FSRUs from the past, present and for future.
  2. Evaluate best LNG Floater options in context of future needs and anticipated demand forecasts.
  3. Identify emerging standards, codes, design criteria and operational flexibilities for the design of futuristic FSUs / FSRUs.
  4. Evaluate impact of designs on in STS transportation.
  5. Evaluate the influence of regulatory regimes and strategies of Oil & Gas Majors, Spot Traders and Storage Terminals.
  6. Explore the potential of digital technologies in enhancement of operational performance for FSRU processes including remote operations.
  7. Learn to incorporate features which make it possible for an FSU / FSRU to be redeployed at another field site with minimal adjustments.

This course can also be offered through Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) format.

Upon completion of the course and review of real-life case studies, the participants would have enhanced their knowledge base and be able to:

  • Comprehend a broad overview of FSRU market segments by geography and their design types & characteristics in context of new developments.
  • Understand the prevailing key design and technology considerations for FSRU design & construction.
  • Identify the critical design requirements, codes and standards which govern FSRU design.
  • Standardise the main CCS, Cryogenic systems, its typical load bearing & sloshing capabilities and flexibilities.
  • Understand emerging design considerations for Hull, Mooring, Swivels & Fluid Transfers Systems and Risers.
  • Understand the importance of Custody Transfer Systems and role of cyber-technologies for export and STS requirements.
  • Develop an overview of a bidding proposal for a FSRU design & development project and the key factors for success.

This course is highly recommended for personnel involved in LNG Tankers, FSRU and FLNG projects who require specific knowledge for taking decisions on suitable design options and technology. This includes:

  • Power Plant Operators and Owners
  • Project Proposals and Bidding Team Members
  • Conceptual Design Engineers, Development Engineers, Engineering & Integration Managers
  • Naval Architects, FSU / FSRU Project Managers
  • Current and future Offshore Installation Managers, Process Engineers, Operations Managers and HUIC (Commissioning) Engineers
  • Intermediate

The course will be delivered in nine modular interactive sessions during the eight hours per day, with coffee & lunch breaks. Individual exercises and group-based case studies are focused on the application of principles and lessons learned during the interactive discussions and presentations.

The participants are expected to study cases and exercises before attending the respective course sessions. Participants are also free to continue discussions with the instructor after the end times of the sessions, if desired.


Principal Management Consultant

Chartered Valuer and Appraiser (CVA)


LL.M. (IP Law), M. Sc. (Maritime Studies),

M. Tech (Knowledge Engineering), MBA,

First Class CoC (MCA, UK), B. E. (Elect)

Your expert course leader, during the last 47 year period, has worked and consulted in the industry verticals encompassing: Technology, Oil & Gas Exploration & Production, Petrochemical Process Plants and Power Plant Construction Projects, Logistics & Warehousing, Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Infrastructure Development Projects (Ports, Offshore Supply Bases, Oil & Gas Terminals and Airports etc), EPCIC Contracts, and Shipyards, in South East Asia, Africa, Middle East, Americas and Europe.

He serves as the Principal Management Consultant with a management consultancy in Hong Kong and Singapore, specialising in the fields of corporate management consultancy, international contracts reviews and alternative dispute resolutions services. He undertakes special assignments for conducting audits and valuation of intangible properties involving proprietary processes for licensed production, and licensing of intellectual property rights (IP Rights) in patents, trademarks, and industrial designs. He is frequently engaged for assignments like due diligence, acquisitions, mergers, resolving various operational issues, technology transfer and agency services contracts reviews, cost controls, and enhancement of Supply Chain Management. He has been conferred the credentials of Chartered Valuer & Appraiser (CVA) by SAC and IVAS, in accordance with the international valuation standards setting body IVSC.

His consulting experience includes Charterparty Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Diversifications, Corporate Development, Marketing, Complex Project Management, Feasibility Studies, Dispute Resolutions and Market Research.

He has successfully assisted Marine and offshore E & P clients in managing contractual disputes arising from various international contracts for upgrading & conversion projects. He continues to be actively engaged in claims reviews, mediation, arbitration, litigation, and expert witness related assignments, arising from international contracts and Charterparty Agreements.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, MBA in General Management, Master of Technology in Knowledge Engineering, Master of Science in Maritime Studies, and LL.M. (IP Law). He also holds professional qualifications in Business Valuations and Appraisers for CVA, arbitration, law, and marine engineering, including the Chief Engineer’s First-Class Certificate of Competency (MCA, UK).

He is further qualified and accredited as Certified International Arbitrator, Chartered Arbitrator, Sports arbitrator under CAS Rules, WIPO Neutral, Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Bargaining Code Arbitrator, Accredited Adjudicator and Accredited Mediator (Malaysia). He is admitted to the international panels of arbitrators and neutrals with WIPO, Geneva; ACICA, AMTAC and ACMA, Australia; BVIAC (British Virgin Islands); JIAC (Jamaica); HKIAC Hong Kong; AIAC, Malaysia; AIADR, Malaysia; KCAB, Seoul, South Korea; ICA, Delhi, India; ICC (Singapore); SISV, Singapore; SCMA, Singapore; SCCA, Saudi Arabia; VIAC Vienna, Austria; Thailand Arbitration Centre (THAC), and Mediator with AIAC Malaysia, CMC, and SIMI Singapore.

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