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About this Training Course 

This  training course is designed to present the principles of efficient management of E & P Data and physical assets.

Each module will address separate topics within E & P Data and physical asset management and also highlight the links between the various aspects that are considered. The course is led a by data management specialist who is also a qualified trainer and taught by modern training techniques, combining informative discussions and practical exercises.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn the value of effective E & P Data Management and the sources and formats of E & P data
  • Recognise the lifecycle stages of E & P Data starting with data receipt
  • Accurately catalogue, recognise significant metadata and comply to standards
  • Learn best practices for physical data handling and digital Data Management
  • Understand key technology solutions for E & P Data Management
  • Understand the importance of Data Security and Data Quality
  • Learn how to create operational workflows and procedures, and business continuity
  • Manage data archives effectively and develop retention and destruction strategies
  • Learn legislative data retention requirements

The course is essential for those with a role, responsibility or interest in E & P data management or physical asset management, including technical managers and administrators as well as geoscientists.

Your expert course leader is currently the Diskos Programme Manager for CGG Data Management Services. She fulfills an operational leadership role with strategic and high-level data management consultancy assignments in National/Governmental Authorities and Oil & Gas companies.

In the course of over 31 years in the Oil & Gas industry, she has had technical roles in subsurface interpretation, petroleum geoscience and then technical, consultative and operational leadership roles in data management. This has included the development and delivery of skills development programs and workshops in the field of E&P Data Management. Client consulting engagements have provided opportunities around the globe, including long-term placements in Norway and Australia, and have focused on scoping as well as the delivery of major data management and service delivery improvement programmes. Your expert course leader holds a B.Sc. in Geology from the University of Hull, UK.

*Diskos is the Norwegian National Databank for E&P data, an Industry collaborative initiative.

Learn what past participants have said about PetroEdge training courses

I will definitely recommend this comprehensive Data Management course to others!

Data Manager, National Data Repository

Very interesting training – I got to learn about drilling and logging as well as data standards.

Librarian, National Data Repository

The course contained valuable material to improve my understanding of data management.

E&P Applications Support, National Oil Company

I will definitely refer to the Course Manual in the future.

Assistant Data Manager, National Oil Company

The training was very useful for my current job and in the structure is explaining in very clear and detail.

E&P Data Loader, Brunei National Petroleum Company