Power Industry Business > Integration of Renewable Resources: Challenges & Opportunities of Increased Penetration of Distributed Resources - Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This VILT course tackles the key aspects of operating requirements for an integrated, reliable and stable power system. The unique characteristics of renewable resources are discussed from a local, consumer centric and from a system perspective bringing to life the ever changing paradigm for delivery energy to customers.

The course presents the technical challenges associated with interconnecting and integrating hundreds of gigawatts of solar power onto the electricity grid, safely and reliably. The course also presents state of the art methodologies in forecasting solar power along with case studies from the international community.
The flexibility of the invertor-based resources facilitates higher penetrations of PVs, storage, and demand response and co-optimizes customer resources. The contribution of inverter-based generators that provides voltage support, frequency response and regulation (droop response), reactive power and power quality with a high level of accuracy and fast response.

The course describes how the microgrids’ controllers allow fully automated energy management. Distributed Energy Resources are analysed in detail technically and financially covering best known cost based methodologies such as project financing and cost recovery.

The course will provide a good understanding in the following areas:

  • Control and operation of Renewable resources
  • The technical characteristics of wind and solar resources 3. How Renewables integrate with the Transmission and Distribution networks
  • The lifecycle of solar and wind projects from approval phase to connection to the grid
  • Examples and challenges of Renewable generation in China, Europe and North America
  • Smart Grid and how is changing the resiliency Distribution networks
  • Wide-scale adoption of consumer owned renewable generation
  • Cybersecurity and Bloackchain in Renewable Certificates

This course will assist all energy professionals in the planning and operation of a power system with increasing penetration of renewable resources.

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