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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) 

The goal of data analytics is to gain understanding and intelligence from data which can be used to make improvements or changes in business. Analytics often involves studying past historical data for hidden valuable trends, to analyze the effects of certain decisions or events, or to evaluate the performance of a given tool or scenario.

This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course aims to give an overview of what Data Analytics or Data Science is and demystify the common terms used in the industry as well as showcase its applications. The applications are to help participants understand better where the possible use of data analytics can be applied in their respective field of work or discipline.

By the end of this VILT course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a conceptual understanding of the use and purpose data analytics and science
  • Recognise the latest application of data analytics and visualization in a business setting
  • Gain practical knowledge and experience on data visualization and its tools
  • Appreciate how data analytics and visualization can enhance decision-making

This VILT course will benefit:

  • Managers
  • Analysts
  • Technologists
  • Technology leaders
  • Oil & Gas professionals who would like to find out more on what data analytics has to offer and how they can gain further insights from their existing data

Your expert course leader is an experienced data scientist, consultant and seasoned trainer with over 1,600 man-hours of training completed to date. He currently conducts training at the SAS Institute, and is also the adjunct senior faculty with SUSS and SCALE, NUS. He was a guest lecturer at NUS-ISS before and previously held an adjunct position in School of Information Systems, SMU. He is currently the mentor to the trainees accepted into the IMDA-SAS BIA Programme.

Prior to this, he was the Analytics Practicum Manager of the Master of IT in Business (Analytics) Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems. He managed the industrial relationships through projects and attachments. He often advised companies on the type of Analytics projects they can do with their data and is a co supervisor for many MITB students on their Analytics Capstone Projects.

Through his career, he has gathered much experience on statistical modeling, from working in the industry, supervising MITB (Analytics) students and doing education research. His Analytics experience range from a wide variety of business functions and industries, gathered from consulting with companies from a wide variety of industries.

His strong passion for Analytics/Data Science can be seen through his involvement in Analytics interest groups, being a Co-founder of DataScience.Sg, former Working Committee Chairman of SAS User Group Singapore and Data Ambassador for one of DataKind SG projects. He also reads widely on the different topics related to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, keeping himself up-to-date with their developments.

His research interest lies in how Data Science can help organisations and businesses be more efficient and effective, and how organisations can build in-house data science capabilities successfully. He holds an MBA from the University of Adelaide. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Economics from the National University of Singapore, with a minor in Computational Finance.

To further optimise your learning experience from our courses, we also offer individualized “One to One” coaching support for 2 hours post training. We can help improve your competence in your chosen area of interest, based on your learning needs and available hours. This is a great opportunity to improve your capability and confidence in a particular area of expertise. It will be delivered over a secure video conference call by one of our senior trainers. They will work with you to create a tailor-made coaching program that will help you achieve your goals faster.
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Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

This course helped me to understand how to analyze and present my data better. Thank you very much!

Assistant Energy Trader, GNPower Dinginin Ltd Co

I am satisfied with the training given by the trainer. It is well designed course with practical orientation

Technical Analyst, Petrofac Malaysia Limited

All discussed in this course will be used in my day-to-day tasks!

Settlements Analyst I, GNPower Dinginin Ltd Co

The training was useful, interesting and can be utilized in multiple ways in day-to-day work. The training was a good introduction and awareness of Data Analytics and Data Science.

Senior CMMS Engineer, Shell

Overall training is good, well presented and understood.

Document Controller, Repsol

This is good training!

Executive, PETRONAS