About this Training Course 

The widespread application of LPG by itself is a major cause of disruption in the energy supply chain. Before nuclear or renewable energy is able to replace fossil fuels, for sustainability of the planet, LPG is undoubtedly an ideal and welcome energy agent to be embraced. The key challenges are cost and quality. The cost components from source to consumer will determine the speed with which LPG can replace traditional sources of energy. The quality attribute in terms of Kcal or Joules or BTU per m3 of LPG will provide the desired momentum to surpass the prominent position held by oil and coal, as the sources of energy.


This interactive training course and workshop session is developed to provide a catalyst for transformation of the legacy systems and adapting to the upcoming trends in the near future in the LPG supply chain. The course curriculum is based on overcoming the challenges of cost and quality enhancement.  Both challenges encompass critical review of each aspect from production to transportation with safety of operations and zero loss of energy, thereby enhancing revenue.

This course is developed to meet the needs LPG producers, Gas Tankers and Terminals operators, and fraternity of stakeholders, with the following underlying objectives:

  • Conduct assessment of current standards and management systems in context of market forces and economics of demand and supply;
  • Explore impact of emerging markets and user segments of LPG transiting from oil or electricity use;
  • Identify avenues in need of production process review for enhancing the quality in terms of energy content of LPG;
  • Evaluate current and future trends in LPG transportation and the influence of regulatory regimes and incentive schemes, for investment in Storage Terminals and distribution networks;
  • Identify the operations and protocols to be adaptable for compliance with new regulations and trends;
  • Establish transportation and distribution cost control mechanism at optimum level; and
  • Developing guidelines and SOPs for contamination free transfer, loading and discharging of LPG Tankers.

This is a “must attend” course if you are: LPG Gas Producer, Process Specialist, Buyer, Trader, LPG Tanker Owner, Charterer, and management personnel holding responsible positions as Director, General Manager, Commercial Manager, Business Development Manager, Legal Counsel, Post-Fixtures Manager, Fleet Manager, Marine & Technical Superintendent, Senior Engineer or Middle Level Manager as part of succession planning.