About this Micro Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This Micro VILT will focus on the processes and styles of salt-related deformation using a combination of subsurface and outcrop examples from around the world. It will examine a full range of topics from the large-scale depositional and tectonic settings of salt basins, to intermediate-scale aspects such as salt-sediment interaction, to the small scale of the mechanics of salt flow.

Training Objectives:

  1. To provide participants with a solid background in the fundamentals of salt tectonics and the impact of salt on various aspects of the petroleum system
  2. To teach practical tools for interpreting seismic data in salt basins and exploring for hydrocarbons in salt related traps


Micro VILT Group Pricing:

SGD$1,200 per person / USD$ 889 per person

(Minimum 5 persons per group session)

For more details on pricing for larger groups or customisation of course outline, call us at +65 6741 9927 or email info@asiaedge.net


Delivery of this Micro VILT:

The Micro VILT will be delivered through Zoom, MS Teams or equivalent video conference platforms in combination with other online interactive training tools.


Micro VILT Duration:

The Micro VILT will be delivered online in 1 session comprising 4 hours, with 2 breaks.

Micro VILT Course Materials:

All participants will receive softcopy course materials (PDF format).


Breakdown of Modules:

Module 1: Salt Basins

  1. Layered evaporite sequences
  2. Tectonic setting of evaporite basins

Module 2: Fundamentals of Salt Tectonics

  1. Mechanics of halite deformation
  2. Intrasalt deformation
  3. Hydraulic head
  4. Definitions of common terms

Module 3: Extensional Salt Tectonics

  1. Thin-skinned extension
  2. Thick-skinned extension

Module 4: Contractional Salt Tectonics

  1. Thin-skinned contraction
  2. Diapir initiation and reactivation
  3. Thick-skinned contraction

Module 5: Strike-slip Salt Tectonics and Vertical Salt Tectonics

  1. Strike-slip salt tectonics
  2. Differential loading
  3. Passive diapirism

Module 6: Near-Diapir Deformation

  1. Near-diapir deformation
  2. Salt dissolution

Module 7: Allochthonous Salt Tectonics

  1. Emplacement of salt sheets
  2. Sheets and canopies

Module 8: Salt and Petroleum Systems

  1. Trap
  2. Reservoir
  3. Hydrocarbons
  4. Seal
  5. Seismic interpretation guidelines
  6. Course close out


Your expert Micro VILT Leader is an internationally-renowned structural geologist with more than 35 years experience in petroleum exploration, structural consulting, industry training, and academic research and teaching. He has primary expertise in salt tectonics in settings around the world, with emphasis on determining three-dimensional geometry and evolution of complex salt structures using seismic interpretation (2-D and 3-D), field investigations, structural analysis, and restoration/balancing.

He has over 95 published papers and over 240 published abstracts and he’s a regular instructor for courses on Salt Tectonics for RPS, industry, and professional societies. He is also an AAPG Distinguished Lecturer and International Distinguished Instructor and a recipient of the GCSSEPM Doris M. Curtis Medal and the AAPG Robert R. Berg Outstanding Research Award.