About this Training Course 

Participants will acquire an understanding of the geological challenges that accompany drilling and how to combat them to succeed.  The course will look at what information is gathered during drilling from wellsite geology, mud logging and petrophysical (“wireline”) logs, and how it is used.  The measurement and prediction of formation pressure are covered in detail, and there are also modules on coring and well testing.

The course concludes with an in-depth look at the deep water drilling environment, including recent case histories.  Attendees are expected to have an understanding of how petroleum is formed, how it migrates and how it is trapped, and of the principles of rotary drilling and the mud circulation system. Paper based exercises will be carried out during each module.

Course highlights

  1. The Instructor is a currently active exploration consultant with 40 years of international industry experience, including training and mentoring.
  2. The course covers concepts and case histories that are at the forefront of the modern offshore petroleum industry.
  3. Hands-on exercises are used to reinforce the theoretical concepts.

By attending this training, you will know about:

  • The information that is obtained during the drilling of a well, its purpose and limitations.
  • How that information is used to monitor well progress, make decisions during drilling, and mitigate risks, thereby maximising company’s return on its investment.
  • How formation pressure is generated, how it can be predicted, and what can go wrong if it is not properly understood and managed.
  • Why and how coring and testing programmes are carried out in wells and how the information thus obtained is used in determining whether or not a discovery is commercial, and in formulating the Field Development Programme.
  • The conditions peculiar to the deep water offshore oil and gas exploration and production theatre.
  • Exploration, Development, Wellsite and Operations Geologists
  • Petrophysicists
  • Drilling Project Managers

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