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About this Training Course

Today’s technologies allow us to zoom in to the details of the subsurface in a manner that was not possible some time ago.While this provides much valuable insight into prospect-specific details, it may also result in us neglecting the regional
aspects of the geology. In a Play-Based Exploration approach the ‘play’ is the main focus of evaluation. Considering prospects in a context of regional basin development and play understanding will results in a better understanding of risks
and opportunities, as well as in a greater consistency of prospect assessments.

This 3 day training course will introduce participants to the Play-Based Exploration workflow through many individual andgroup exercises and discussions. The core of the course is a large group exercise based on a real data set. Based on dataprovided, participants will make reservoir, seal, charge and structural maps, followed by Play maps and CRS maps. The difference in and use of prospect-specific and play-based probabilities will be explained by examples and exercises. It will also be explained how play statistics can serve as a guide for prospect assessment and for assessing the (remaining) potential of a basin.

By attending this 3 day training course, you will be able to:
 Make clear why and how evaluating prospects in the context of a play can help the overall soundness and consistency.
 Provide participants with a practical Play-Based Exploration workflow
 Explain how play statistics can be used to further improve our assessment of prospects and remaining potential
 Demonstrate that evaluating prospects in the context of plays is both rewarding and fun

This course is designed primarily for geoscientists working in exploration and their direct supervisors. The course is also very applicable and useful for staff from other disciplines working closely with exploration staff, such as reservoir engineers,
petrophysicists and prospect portfolio analysts.

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Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

The training greatly helped in enhancing my understanding in Play Based Exploration

Deputy General Manager, Bangladesh Oil, Gas & Mineral Corporation

This course is very informative and interactive. I have learned a lot.

Geologist Graduate, Petroleum Brunei