Renewable Energy, Carbon Capture, Hydrogen & ESG > Pre & Post Combustion Carbon Capture from Refinery SMRs, Steam Boilers and Fired Process Heaters - Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Carbon Capture & Storage will scale up by several orders of magnitude in the coming decades. Refineries will continue to operate in parallel to a ramp-up in renewable power generation and fossil-free energy vectors. Decarbonising refinery operations will be key to meet nationally determined contributions to greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

This VILT course will explain the current and proposed carbon capture (CC) technologies for key unit operations such as steam boilers which are major CO2 sources on refineries. Pre-combustion CC from steam methane reformers is different to post-combustion CC from fired process heaters. The best-fit criteria to apply each of these scenarios will be discussed. Some, but perhaps not all the technology options will become mainstream routes for carbon capture in future decades.

Selecting the right technologies early can mean the difference between a good and an excellent project. If you are investing in carbon capture from refinery operations or considering technologies to implement, thinking through the pros and cons of various options will be fundamental to your decision making. This VILT course will provide deep insights to support that process.

Course content at a glance

  1. The need for CCS in a “net-zero” future
  2. The CCS value chain and carbon capture technologies
  3. Pre- and post-combustion carbon capture challenges on refineries
  4. The business case for carbon capture on refinery operations

Upon completion of this VILT course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to prioritize carbon capture from multiple refinery emissions streams
  • Develop the skills required to build a basic business case related to carbon capture implementation
  • Be familiar with some of the main technologies and technology providers for carbon capture equipment
  • Focus on one or two technology options that are most likely to be optimal from a wide range of possible choices
  • Learn how process integration and energy efficiency can improve the business case
  • Feel confident to discuss carbon capture on refinery operations with engineers, management, executives, and other stakeholders

Project engineers, process engineers, operations management from refinery sites as well as discipline and project engineers from EPC contractors will benefit from this VILT course.

Moreover, members of the team charged with greenhouse gas emissions reduction and other environmental and operational transformation issues will find that the training lays a solid foundation for their work in the coming years.

The VILT course will be delivered online in 2 half-day sessions comprising 4 hours per day, including time for lectures, discussion, quizzes and short classroom exercises.

Your expert course leader is the founder and managing director of an energy transition consultancy in Germany. His work focuses on decarbonisation and hydrogen is a fundamental pillar of his consulting practice. His hands-on hydrogen expertise extends to the full length of the value chain from production, purification, distribution, and storage through to utilisation.

With a background in industrial gases, including 27 years at BOC Gases, The BOC Group and Linde Gas, he has intimate knowledge of hydrogen from commercial, technical, operational and safety perspectives. He served 14 years as a global business leader in these FTSE100 and DAX30 companies and had the opportunity to interact with people, businesses, and operations around the world.

As a member of the H2 View and gasworld editorial advisory boards, he advises the direction of editorial content for these two leading international publications. His writing often covers sustainable hydrogen production technologies.

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