Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence > Predictive Maintenance: Using Machine Learning Technology in Oil & Gas Maintenance Operations - Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) 

Technologies involving IOT, Cloud Computing, Robotics and AI & Big (Extreme) Data demand new skills and capabilities. These new technologies are transforming the way we work and operate, as it increases efficiency and reduces redundancy. At the forefront of these technologies is Data Science & Analytics, a core skill required to operate in this new era. This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course goes through options of using sensors in Oil & Gas operations to optimise production, reduce failures and issue early warnings for trips, shutdowns and other potential health & safety risk issues. This VILT will also introduce participants to platform.

  • Learn and apply python programming for data science and analytics problems
  • Be able to identify the right tools and techniques to approach either a regression or classification problem in a predictive maintenance project
  • Understand time series algorithms that form sensor data and interdependency between instances
  • Distinguish different machine learning algorithms like anomaly detection, trees, and linear models to apply in any predictive analytics problems
  • Deploy a predictive analytics project to either cloud or on – premise server.

This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course is specifically designed for engineers and technical professionals in operations, maintenance and data management, who are interested to learn predictive analytics using machine learning for maintenance of machines and equipment.

The VILT will be delivered online in 5 half-day sessions comprising 4 hours per day, with 2 breaks of 10 minutes per day.

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