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About this Training Course

In times of prolonged business uncertainty, oil & gas organisations are often forced to make changes. Some opt for simple radical surgery and cut out unnecessary or redundant resources. Others opt for a more complex solution and restructure their operations. Both approaches are fraught with difficulty and from past history and research, the majority of organisation changes fail to reach their objectives.

Harvard Business School has identified eight key causes and they lead to a disconnect between leaders, employees and other stakeholders in an organisation – the leaders had good ideas but failed to get them across effectively.

Rapid and Inclusive Strategy Development in Oil & Gas is a 2-day course looking at strategic development from an alternative viewpoint, exploring strategies that yield success and stimulate employees and other stakeholders in oil & gas organisations.

The course addresses the new agenda for strategy development in organisations – stakeholders, inclusivity, knowledge management, organisation learning, scenario thinking, rapid and continuous change.

It investigates a range of methods for influencing and creating a new future by entering into dialogues that will generate that inclusive, successful strategy, and exploring processes for creating commitment and conducting strategic planning in large groups to enable people to embrace changes positively. Methods covered include Future Search Conferences, Open Space Conferences, Real Time Strategic Change, Appreciative Inquiry Summits, SOAR, World Café.

This course is particularly attractive to groups of participants from the same organisation who are responsible for strategic planning and are required to develop methodologies for its own strategy development.

During the 2-day course, you will be equipped with the opportunity to understand and experience techniques that:

  • Create new visions and strategies in which people can believe
  • Find common ground in the conflicting interests of stakeholders in an oil & gas organisation
  • Identify and enhance what builds on the strengths in organisations rather than trying to fix weaknesses
  • Enable events to be designed and run involving the simultaneous participation of large numbers of people
  • Allow for the rapid and cost-effective design and deployment of strategy
  • Generate energy and commitment

Suggested attendees include, but not limited to:

  • Managers
  • Professionals
  • Specialist functional staff
  • Those who are involved in developing and introducing strategic change initiatives where time and commitment is of the essence.

This course uses simulations, practical exercises, case studies (including videos), presentations and group discussions to allow participants to experience the different technologies and approaches.

Your course leader has been working as an organisation and management development consultant for over 30 years, initially as an internal consultant with Esso Petroleum, then as the principal of his own consulting practice. He has direct line and HR management experience with Esso Petroleum, and has worked in almost every private, public and not-for-profit sector in countries across Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and the USA.

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