About this Training Course 

Reliability is a cornerstone of any manufacturing process. Get it right and you can enjoy good safety performance, low running costs as well as a sustainably high production level at the right quality. Reliable plants are usually safer and cite a higher level of morale. Lose control of reliability and life gets very difficult – maintenance planning becomes much harder, production targets will be missed and operations become chaotic, HSE can suffer and everything feels difficult to control.

This 5-day practical course includes the latest thinking in reliability improvement, how to gain maximum benefit for minimum effort and how to develop bespoke reliability strategies that will integrate effectively with other work. This course includes methods and tools to move away from the academic theory of reliability and generate practical methods to improve performance. This course is based upon an award-winning model of excellence for improving plant performance to achieve pace setter standards. This model not only generates excellent reliability, but also positions it within the wider maintenance and operating strategies to ensure it is embedded in the day to day working practices in a sustainable way.

This course is not an academic study but about delivering high levels of reliability through practical actions. Neither is this a course for maintenance engineers alone. Reliability excellence cannot be achieved without establishing high-reliability practices in operations, design and procurement so this course focuses on these areas as well.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how pace setters achieve outstanding reliability performance and how to use the Carcharodon model of excellence
  • Develop reliability programs that align with the unique needs of their business, asset and maintenance strategies
  • Analyze their current performance against best in class benchmarks
  • Calculate potential fixed and variable cost reductions along with productivity, output and product quality improvements that can be delivered through reliability improvement
  • Apply key reliability improvement methodologies and tools to improve reliability performance
  • Explain to colleagues the fundamentals of best practice in reliability including the responsibilities of design and operations as well as just maintenance
  • Engage colleagues and consider the human factors required to support a high reliability culture

This course covers generic best practice that has been applied successfully in oil and gas, the chemicals sector, pharmaceuticals and energy sectors. We usually have high attendance from maintenance personnel but we strongly encourage operations, procurement and projects personnel to attend since their contribution to excellent reliability is essential and this course will explain how they can help transform performance. This course is not limited to managers and provides a valuable insight to the people who touch reliability down to supervisor and senior technician level.


Who should attend?

  • Reliability engineers, maintenance managers, maintenance supervisors, planners, project managers, project engineers, operations managers, shift managers, operations supervisors and people who are in training for these positions.
  • This Course is also designed for contractors who want to contribute to reliability performance of client assets.

Your expert course leader is an award-winning consultant (UK Chemical Industries Association “Excellence in Engineering”) and trainer with 30 years’ experience in maintenance and reliability improvement. He has worked across five continents, in a wide variety of environments from the world’s largest oil refinery to a small drinks production line. He has 10 years of maintenance management experience in the process industry, so he brings a very practical approach to training. He moved into consulting with ABB Eutech as their global maintenance specialist where he led maintenance and reliability best practice panels, delivered a wide range of maintenance improvement projects and trained other consultants.

Learn what past participants have said about PetroEdge training courses

Basically, the flow of the training is good. The well through and group exercises got us all too really put RCA into practice.

Deepwater Integrated Scheduler , Sabah Shell Petroleum

The trainer is great in bringing some good experience for related job.

Strategiest, TNB

The overall training was very good, the trainer was very helpful and had the best experience.

Maintenance and Reliability Supervisor, Exxonmobil Cepu Limited