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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This 5 half-day Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course will cover all aspects of steam turbine design including blade design and material, operating principles, sizing and selection procedures, inspection, diagnostics, maintenance and overhaul of steam turbines, steam turbine start-up and shutdown procedures, surveillance and health monitoring of steam turbines, governing systems as well as all the components, instrumentation and control systems of steam turbines, and address root cause analysis and solutions to steam turbine failures.

All possible failure modes of steam turbine components and the maintenance required to prevent them will be discussed in detail. Examples of recent steam turbine failure incidents attributed to design defects, processing and manufacturing deficiencies, assembly errors, off-design or unintended service conditions, and maintenance deficiencies will also be covered in detail.

This course will also provide updated information in respect to all the methods used to enhance the availability, reliability and maintainability of steam turbines, increase the efficiency and longevity of steam turbines, and improve the rotor dynamic stability.

It will also cover in detail all steam turbine valves, jacking oil system, turning gear, turbine supervisory system, steal turbine monitoring technology, validation, and verification tests, performance testing of steam turbines and steam turbine codes especially ASME PTC6.

  • Steam Turbine Blade Design and Material: Gain a thorough understanding of steam turbine blade design and material
  • Steam Turbine Components and Systems: Learn about all components and systems of the various types of steam turbines such as stationary and rotating blades, casings, rotor, seals, bearings, and lubrication systems
  • Steam Turbine Failure Modes, Inspection, Diagnostic Testing and Maintenance: Understand all the failure modes of steam turbine components, root causes and solutions of steam turbine component failure, inspection, diagnostic testing, and all maintenance activities required for steam turbines to minimize their operating cost and maximize their efficiency, reliability and longevity
  • Steam Turbine Instrumentation and Control Systems: Learn about the latest instrumentation, control systems and governing systems of steam turbines
  • Steam Turbine Reliability and Maintainability: Increase your knowledge about all the methods used to enhance the reliability and maintainability of steam turbines as well as the predictive and preventive maintenance required for steam turbines
  • Steam Turbine Sizing, Selection and Applications: Gain a detailed understanding of the sizing and selection considerations as well as application ranges and constraints of steam turbines in steam power plants
  • Steam Turbine Valves, Load Frequency Control, Turbine Bypass Systems, and Steam Turbine Superheater Attemperators: Gain a thorough understanding of all steam turbine valves, load-frequency control, turbine bypass systems, and steam turbine superheater attemperators
  • Jacking Oil System and Turning Gear: Learn about the turbine jacking oil system and turning gear operation
  • Turbine Supervisory System: Gain a thorough understanding of the turbine supervisory system
  • Steam Turbine Monitoring, Technology, Validation and Verification Tests for Power Plants: Learn about steam turbine monitoring technology, validation, and verification tests for power plants
  • Steam Turbine Codes: Learn about steam turbine codes including ASME PTC6, DIN test code, and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Doc 1, IEC Doc B
  • Steam Turbine Rotor Dynamic Analysis, Campbell, Goodman and SAFE Diagrams: Gain a thorough understanding of steam turbine rotor dynamic analysis, Campbell, Goodman and SAFE diagrams
  • Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning of Steam Turbines: Learn about all the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of steam turbines
  • Steam Turbine Retrofitting for the Life Extension of Power Plants: Gain a thorough understanding of steam turbine retrofitting for the life extension of power plants as well as all rerates, upgrades and modifications of steam turbines

This VILT course is intended for:

  • Engineers of all disciplines
  • Managers
  • Technicians
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Other technical individuals
  • Basic or Foundation

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Thank you very much for the very useful knowledge so that we can apply what we have learnt to improve our work

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The training was good. Thank you.

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Great learning experience!

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The trainer is very experienced and knowledgeable.

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