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This 5 full-day course provides a detailed description of all the tuning methods for all the control systems used in pulverized coal boilers, circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers, cyclone boilers, and stocker boilers. It provides a comprehensive explanation of all boiler control systems including drum level feedwater control, fuel and air control, oxygen trim control, steam temperature control, combustion control, purge control, flame monitoring and tripping system as well as their tuning methods. The various boiler control strategies are explained including feedback, feedforward, cascade and ratio control as well as Ziegler Nichols tuning and Ciancone tuning methods. The course provides a detailed explanation of Boiler NFPA 85 Code (Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Codes) and American National Standard Institute / Instrument Society of America Code (ANSI / ISA-77-44-01-2007 Code).

The burner management systems (BMS) and examples of boiler permissive starting logic and protective tripping logic will be addressed thoroughly. The various methods used to calculate the boiler efficiency are covered in detail including the direct and indirect methods. All factors which affect the efficiency and emissions of pulverized coal boiler and CFB boiler, all methods used to improve the efficiency of pulverized coal boilers, CFB boilers and stoker boilers including improvement to their combustion efficiency and control systems performance will be explained thoroughly. Several real-life case studies illustrating how the optimization of boiler tuning can improve combustion stability, performance and efficiency of the boiler will be explained in detail during the course.

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    Great 5 days training. We can learn very important issues for combustion process. Simple exam on important points to summarize the topics

    Mechanical Supervisor, PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali

    Great seminar held for a week, simple exam to check how much I have learnt and also as a summary of the important points for each chapter

    Engineer, CLP Hong Kong

    It's a wonderful training. Speaker's knowledge is excellent. I would highly recommend my colleagues to join

    Engineer, CLP Hong Kong

    The course was very informative. We've learned a lot. The trainer is excellent in discussing all the topics

    Superintendent, GN Power Mariveles

    Highly recommended especially for Performance Engineers!

    HR Supervisors, Kepco Ilijan Corporation

    The course was very informative. I learned a lot that could help me in my job, specially in operating the boiler more efficiently. The trainer delivered the course in an organized way so that it was much easier for us to understand

    Control Room Operator, STEAG State Power Inc.