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This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course presents advanced methodologies that implement demand response and energy conservation programs in light of the integration of new technologies, regulatory changes and the accelerated penetration of renewable energy resources. This VILT course provides examples and case studies from North American and European jurisdictions covering the operational flexibilities on the demand side including requirements for new building codes to achieve zero net energy. The course describes a public agency’s goals and objectives for conserving and otherwise reducing energy consumption and managing its demand for energy. This course presents the demand response implemented for economics and system security such as system balancing and relieving transmission congestion, or for system adequacy. The course also presents the principal attributes of conservation programs and the associated success criteria. In a system with increased penetration of renewable resources, demand response provides flexibility to system operators, helping them to maintain the reliability and the security of supply. Demand response is presented as a competitive alternative to additional power sources, enhancing competition and liquidity in electricity markets. The unique characteristics are discussed from a local, consumer centric and also from a system perspective bringing to life the ever changing paradigm for delivery energy to customers. Interoperability aspects and standards are discussed, as well as the consumer centric paradigm of Transactive Energy with IOT enabled flexibilities at system level, distribution networks and microgrids. The VILT course introduces the blockchain as a new line of defense against cyber threats and its increasing application in P2P transactions and renewable certificates. Our trainer's industry experience spans three decades with one of the largest Canadian utilities where she led or contributed to large operational studies and energy policies and decades of work with IEEE, NSERC and CIGRE. Our key expert also approaches to the cross sectional, interdisciplinary state of the art methodologies brings real life experience of recent industry developments.

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    Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

    The VILT course covers all the essential elements of demand side management, backed up by case studies from various jurisdiction. Very informative and comprehensive, a good guidance for designing DRP in the future

    Senior Engineer, CLP Power HK

    The trainer was well prepared and helpful to answer all questions. The course contents were very informative and had given me some insights for my job scope

    Electrical Engineer, Sarawak Energy Berhad

    I have gained a clear understanding and knowledge on Demand Side Management even though I am new to DSM.

    Electrical Engineer, Sarawak Energy Berhad

    The VILT was able to establish its training goals in ensuring that content and delivery do not lose sight of the purpose of instruction. The instructor was also well knowledgeable and was able to share a wide range of ideas, scenarios, theories and applications of the topic

    Engineer I, ERC

    I learned a lot about the Demand-Side Management and its importance moving forward. The speaker was well-versed in the topic and provided us with an in-depth discussion on the topic

    Engineer II, ERC

    The training gives additional knowledge and more competency for us electricity regulators to review and improve the existing policies of the country that will support Demand Side Management

    Engineer III, ERC

    The training/webinar was extremely relevant and made perfect sense in terms of application to my work. I'm thankful for the opportunity to attend.

    Senior Energy Regulation Officer, ERC

    The topic is interesting. The speaker is well knowledgeable and can communicate effectively.

    Senior Energy Regulation Officer ERC