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Almost 99% of the wells drilled in the field today are directional wells. This 5-day training course covers the principles and practices of directional drilling, calculations and planning for directional and horizontal wells. Specific problems associated with directional and horizontal drilling such as torque, drag, hole cleaning, logging and bottom hole assembly design, are included. The use of downhole motors, rotating and non-rotating steerable systems as well as the conventional rotary applications will be explained. Students will learn to design and evaluate a horizontal well based on the objectives for that well. Furthermore the students will get the basics of multilateral wells. Additionally the participants will become familiar with tools and techniques used in surveying a directional or horizontal well. The last part of the course includes an exercise where the students have to drill a pre-planned well on a computer simulator. Students will have to make up the correct BHA, drill and steer the well according to plan, take surveys and plot the results for evaluation. Major topic areas covered within this course include the following: Survey Calculations, Dogleg Severity, Planning a directional well, Methods of deflecting a wellbore, Horizontal and Multilateral drilling, Survey Instruments, Torque and drag and Horizontal drilling with air.

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