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The workplace is full of challenging bosses, colleagues, and customers. There are traps for the unwary at every turn. Sensitive subjects and prickly personalities can challenge anyone. It really is a jungle out there! And it is critical to your career to learn how to deal with these difficult people and challenging situations. “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin was able to successfully handle a wide range of creatures in the wild. What was the secret of his success? He did not expect them to change their nature. Instead, he approached each one on its own terms, seeking to understand and willing to be flexible. The same principles apply to the denizens of the Human Zoo! When confronted with a challenging personality or situation, most people will either avoid, confront, or concede rather than engage constructively. This workshop will prepare you to respond intelligently rather than react emotionally. It will help you change your attitude and behaviour, transform your relationships, and not waste time trying to change others. In this intensive, 1-day workshop participants will gain the knowledge, skills, techniques, and attitude to successfully manage challenging people and relationships in the workplace and in their personal lives.  

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