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This 5-days comprehensive training not only an introduction into the issue associated with the development of oil and gas fields but also provides an in depth understanding of the issues to be considered in the development of these fields. The theme throughout this training course is Flow Assurance and Innovative Technologies. Each day consists of lectures in the morning and a hands-on workshop in the afternoon. The workshop allows the participants to appreciate the design process associated with field developments. Various software will be available during the workshop to predict Multiphase flows through wells, pipelines and risers, as well as evaluating reservoir production profiles using alternative technologies to develop reservoirs. Further software to assess Surge and environmental safety will also be available.

The field design approach will consider an integrated solution through modelling the reservoir decline, wells, flowlines, risers and the host facility. The participants will have a total appreciation of the methodology required to develop offshore oil and gas fields and have an understanding of all of the Flow Assurance issues and technology requirements.

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    Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

    This course covers most issue on Flow Assurance especially in Deepwater Oil and Gas Development.

    Project Engineer, INPEX Corporation

    Good Course with a very excellent presenter.

    Process Engineer, Petrofac

    Ground Breaking topic with good quick-look check list to help guarantee continuous flow/production.

    Senior Engineer, PTTEP

    The trainer is great with lots of fundamental knowledge on Flow Assurance mathematical and formulae derivation. It’s like looking inside of commercial flow assurance software package.

    Researcher, Petronas