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Preventive and Predictive maintenance are not new concepts. Both have been used across industry all over the world and when done properly, can yield impressive results (cost reductions of 20% or greater and a leap forward in equipment reliability and performance are very achievable). However, for every company using these concepts effectively, there are many others who are not.

Preventive and predictive maintenance are not a guarantee of success for all equipment in all environments – they have to be applied in the right way at the right time. All too often, companies apply simplistic approaches on the assumption that they can achieve rapid results with a common solution, but unfortunately, there are no short cuts.

You will have to understand the range of maintenance options, match these to individual items of equipment and understand failure modes and the consequence of failure:

1. Sometimes, a preventive maintenance schedule will be effective

2. Sometimes, a predictive maintenance choice will be the best option

3. Sometimes, it is ok to simply let equipment run to fail

4. Sometimes, you will need to design out a failure mode or invest in an equipment upgrade

This 4 full-day course provides a roadmap to help match the right type of maintenance to any equipment to provide the right blend of preventive and predictive maintenance to the right equipment. This roadmap has been developed over a number of years to help maintenance professionals improve plant performance efficiently and effectively to deliver bottom line benefits as quickly and sustainably as possible. This is an extremely practical course based on real life experience with the aim to provide participants with tools and an improvement plan to take back to work. Apart from equipping participants with an understanding of Preventive and Predictive maintenance, it will help you to:

  1. Understand how and when to apply them
  2. Appreciate the history of why they were invented
  3. Be aware of where people go wrong
  4. Explain the different types of failure
  5. Use Root Cause Failure Analysis to understand past problems and Failure Mode Effect Analysis to predict future risks

This course has been derived from the Plant Performance Improvement Road Map developed by practitioners that deliver efficient and effective maintenance. The training focuses on how to improve profitability of any business by identifying the right maintenance strategy for any equipment. The aim of this training is to help practitioners run programmes that will deliver real benefits as fast as possible with minimum zero wasted effort. The training will cover the core principles of how to move from firefighting or partially implemented maintenance good practice to a consistent application of the best blend of Preventive and Predictive Maintenance (PPM).

This is a certified course with the option of sitting for a short exam on the final day of the course to give participants the opportunity to gain a Certificate from petroEDGE and the Carcharodon Maintenance Academy.

The Academy for Turnarounds, Operations & Maintenance (ATOM)

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