About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This intermediate level 5 half-day Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course is a comprehensive course that explains the technology of shell and tube heat exchangers as these robust types of heat exchangers are the most commonly used in the process and refinery industries where they provide flexibility and are easy to maintain. The VILT course will provide details on the thermal and mechanical design, fabrication, inspection and maintenance in relation with international standards such as TEMA, API and ISO. For this heat exchanger type, the focus is on the mechanical and practical aspects. Many case studies will be presented to demonstrate failures and mismatches. The thermal and mechanical design is conducted using sophisticated computer software and this VILT course is intended to complement thermal design training based on HTRI software. Participants will be offered problem case studies in order to reach solutions on their own. To get a full picture of proven (advanced) heat transfer technologies, a basic training module for other types of heat exchangers is included. Besides Air Cooled, there will be a discussion on compact heat exchangers in more detail with all their pros and cons. Participants are advised to bring a scientific calculator and laptop with Microsoft Excel installed.

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    Thank you very much for putting together this course, PetroEdge!

    Senior Mechanical Engineer, Worley

    The trainer is an expert in his field. He is able to deliver deep understanding of shell and tube heat exchanger

    Mechanical Engineer, PT Asahimas Chemical

    Overall, good experience and gained knowledge. The training has served the purpose for why I wanted to join. Thank you.

    Lead Process Engineer, Byco Petroleum Pakistan

    PetroEdge has an experienced teacher in HTRI

    Process Engineer VCM, PT Asahimas Chemical

    This is an expert with many useful examples!

    Large amount of know-how and experience and very practical for the day-to-day work!

    The trainer is able to make the right connection between the theory and practical issues of heat exchangers!

    Much know-how presented in a calm and orderly way with good examples!