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Almost all subsectors in the Oil & Gas, Marine & Offshore value chain are currently experiencing challenging market conditions. Despite signs of improved macroeconomic fundamentals and demand, the near term outlook for most subsectors remain uncertain. The continued delivery of large numbers of vessels into a depressed market creates continued uncertainty on how the supply-demand imbalance can be addressed. The financial pressures on business owners are mounting. In light of the current external environment, what are the options available for business owners and market participants except waiting for the recovery of the market? This current crisis is not the last that we will see. Are there more attractive business models to pursue to generate more sustainable profits and "shock-proof" the impact of future downturns? This unique 3-day training program is an advanced level course for procurement managers, legal and strategic planners to learn how to create a new business models from an outdated traditional one. Participants will learn about the innovative business models that have emerged, the drivers behind such transformation, the attractive opportunities available currently, success factors and tools to create such models for their own businesses. The discussions will encompass a holistic, cross-functional orientation with case studies from Asia and around the world.

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    This training is filled with facts of a supply base.

    Project Logistics, Sabah Shell Petroleum Company

    Each section is very relevant and matches our business.

    GM-Operations, Asian Supply Base

    This training provided me with more understanding of offshore & marine supply base management. I can apply this knowledge gained for my day-to-day routine tasks.

    Sabah Logistic Manager, Murphy Oil Corporation

    Good session and well managed presentation. There was a lot of interaction and experience sharing between the participants!

    Logistic Supervisor, ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Malaysia, Inc