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This 3 full-day advanced level course is developed and curated to showcase the latest developments in the energy sector and impact on Oil & Gas industry. The course curriculum also includes the analysis of recent geopolitical tensions and market conditions due to sanctions, wars and pandemics, on the commonly used Charter Party Forms like SUPPLYTIME, TOWCON, TOWHIRE and SHELLTIME besides Heavy lift, Diving Support, Accommodation Services and Seismic Survey Vessels. This is an important Course for both experienced professionals and those new to the Support Services Vessels for Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Industry.

This course will be held in person through a series of Case Study Style Presentations, discussions on legal principles and interactive workshops in groups. There will be number individual exercises to keep everyone engaged and on their toes throughout the three days. Participants are encouraged to work on the Cases in their own times in evening after the lectures, to get maximum benefit of the contact hours with our Expert Consultant.

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