Virtual Instructor Led Training

Access Classroom Training From Anywhere

Through Video Conferencing Technology

Access EnergyEdge courses online as an alternative way to learn. Enjoy the same benefits from our classroom training courses but on a safer and more cost effective platform.

• Experience live face-to-face interactions with course leader and all course attendees
• Split into “virtual classrooms” for group work exercises and learn best practices
• Receive all course materials for future learning and as reference

Find courses available for Virtual Instructor Led Training through latest video conferencing technology.


Why Choose EnergyEdge Virtual Instructor Led Training?

Access Quality Content and Trainers.

Our multi-day courses will mirror content from our highly successful tradtional classroom courses, led by experienced practitioners.  Our trainers will be live online through-out the duration of the courses to run exercises, answer your questions and provide feedback.  We continually strive to help engineers, scientists and business support professionals with skills and knowledge that is relevant, practical and tested.

Convenient and safe.
You can participate in a virtual instructor led training from a location of your choosing within the scheduled time zone of the course. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a PC.

Time Savings.
Because there is no need to travel to participate in a virtual instructor led training, you save valuable travelling time from schedule.

Virtual instructor led training typically cost less than equivalent traditional classroom training courses at hotels. Furthermore, because you do not travel to participate in a virtual instructor led training,  you save money in transport and accommodation.


What have past participants said about EnergyEdge VILT courses?  

– “The balance between lectures and exercises is good the way it is.”

– “I really like how we have spent more time on the exercises and discussing the important elements through the exercise.”

– “This was my first time using VILT. I liked the kahoot game”

– “I didn’t have to fly anywhere!”

– “It was good to be able to do online quizzes and interact with the other participants”

– “The various exercises were all extremely useful in my learning”

How it works. It’s simple!

Select a course from our 2024 training schedule that is of interest. View our courses available for virtual instructor led training

Request proposal
Contact us on info@asiaedge with your contacts and topic of interest. We will revert back with pricing & scheduling details for the virtual instructor led training session.

Prepare to proceed
Once our proposal is accepted, we will brief you on the preparation steps to launch virtual instructor led training. All you need is a laptop with a good internet connection!



Submit your details to find out more. We will get back to you with details about how it works and how you can benefit from it.

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*Online training is now fully claimable under HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund). Find out more here!
Applicable for  participating Malaysian registered companies and employees only