As part of our diverse portfolio of services in the Oil & Gas sector, EnergyEdge offers bespoke courses that can be tailored according to your training requirements to align with your organisational culture, work processes and strategic vision.

Our unique approach to customising courses for your organisation involves the following steps:

  • Detailed assessment and business issue needs analysis through pre-course evaluations and assessment tools
  • In-depth consultation development and organisational alignment
  • Programme and curriculum development refinement and strategic implementation
  • Strategic evaluation process to validate knowledge transfer, learning achieved and ROI

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Case Studies – Oil and Gas Training

Based locally in Malaysia and Singapore, EnergyEdge is better positioned and equipped to understand the learning requirements of your local workforce and talents. This enables us to focus our abilities in developing targeted and practical learning solutions for your business.


We have partnered with various organisations who have approached us to solve their challenges and who have benefitted from our strategic solutions and interventions. Our client achievements over the years are showcased in these case studies.


To learn more about our consultancy services and how you can benefit from our suite of up-to-date training courses with the latest technology, management and strategy advancements, please contact us at [email protected] or +65 6741 9927.

Case: SMART Program, Malaysia

Transforming capability development from a tightly regulated process into a self driven capability management eco-system.

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Case: National Oil Company, Malaysia

A National Oil Company (NOC) in Malaysia had identified that its competency assessment process was inconsistent and did not reflect an accurate picture of its assessees’ competencies.

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Case: National Oil Company, Indonesia

An Indonesian National Oil Company (NOC) had acquired a business unit from an International Oil Company and the transition was completed in January 2018. With the transition, the NOC had planned to evolve and implement its own Competency Management System.

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Case: Critical Thinking for Oil & Gas Companies

Many companies in Oil & Gas have expressed a need for their staff to approach data in a different way.

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