About this Micro Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Well completion commonly refers to the process of finishing a well so that it is ready to produce oil or natural gas. In essence, completion consists of deciding on the characteristics of the intake portion of the well in the targeted hydrocarbon formation. There are a number of types of completions, including:
  1. Open Hole Completion
  2. Conventional Perforated Completion
  3. Sand Exclusion Completion
  4. Permanent Completion
  5. Multiple Zone Completion
This Micro VILT covers the planning, installation and all of the various steps that require special attention, especially ensuring that equipment is landed in the correct place as well as any potential operational issues.   Micro VILT Group Pricing: SGD$1,200 per person / USD$ 889 per person (Minimum 5 persons per group session) For more details on pricing for larger groups or customisation of course outline, call us at +65 6741 9927 or email [email protected]   Delivery of this Micro VILT: The Micro VILT will be delivered through Zoom, MS Teams or equivalent video conference platforms in combination with other online interactive training tools.   Micro VILT Duration: The Micro VILT will be delivered online in 1 session comprising 4 hours, with 2 breaks. Micro VILT Course Materials: All participants will receive softcopy course materials (PDF format).   Breakdown of Modules: Module 1: Overview & Planning
  1. Completion Programme Data
  2. Planning & Tool Preparation
  3. Handling Equipment
Module 2: Completion Installation
  1. Running & Handling Screens
  2. Installing Completion Modules
  3. Tubing Tally
Module 3: Well Control & Space Out
  1. Well Control Awareness & Equipment
  2. Understanding Spaceout
  3. Overview of Critical Subsea Operations
  Best Feature of the Micro VILT:
  1. Group assignment.
  2. Videos help to visualize.
  3. Instructor’s explanations and real life experience.
  4. Thorough material coupled with instructor's experiences shared.
  5. Diagrams, videos, and picture examples.
  6. Instructor's knowledge and presentation of the information.
  7. Showing different operations.
  8. The videos and animations were very useful visual aids. As well as the group exercise.
  9. The presentation.
  10. Addition of new concepts and not just a refresher course.
  11. The group session was interesting. It was a learning process. But it has a lot of potential.
  12. The ability to interact with the instructor using the Moderator.
  13. Overall understanding of well completion steps/equipment.
  14. I really liked the interactive videos that the instructor had showed with the different mechanical completion techniques ala milling cement left behind in the production casing or using a chemical injection or bullhead to clean up a well of any particulates, for example. The quiz at the end was also fun.

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