Equipment, Facilities and Maintenance > Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) For Process Plants/ Safeguarding – Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) is designed to provide an introduction and deliver a basic understanding of the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) process and where it fits into a holistic, integrated Asset Management System.

The VILT will guide participants through the rationale and basic techniques, demonstrating how the FMEA process can assist and/ or improve Reliability by building Reliability and Integrity, leading to selecting the most cost effective and appropriate product and techniques that will optimise the new assets performance.

At the end of the VILT, participants will be aware of the changing business environment and the need for continuous improvement, particularly the need to improve safety, reduce cost, and minimise environmental footprint by focusing on risk management. They will develop an appreciation of a holistic Asset Management Program, and know where the FMEA process fits in and the benefits it will deliver. They will develop the competencies to carry out successful FMEAs and introduce the process in a sustainable manner into their company’s Asset Management Process. They will also understand the importance of teams and having an appreciation of each team member’s role and responsibilities.

All participants will complete detailed pre-course questionnaires before course commencement, enabling the trainer to tailor course content in order to meet specific participant needs. Participant objectives are re-visited before, during and after the course, allowing us to focus on outcomes and address any participant concerns and specific issues during the program.

At the end of the VILT, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the business case for FMEA implementation.
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of the FMEA process and the benefits obtained.
  • Understand the steps in implementing and sustaining an FMEA program.
  • Understand how FMEA fits into an integrated Asset Management Program.
  • Understand the differences between qualitative and quantitative approaches to FMEA.
  • Understand the practical requirements for FMEA implementation.
  • Obtain the benefits of an effective team environment and the required skills to facilitate the FMEA process.
  • Monitor and control the FMEA process and ensure actions are delivered.
  • Implement measures to ensure gains are implemented and maintained for continuous improvement.

FMEA is primarily a team activity and as such it benefits from a cross functional team participation. This VILT is aimed at Managers, Engineers, Inspectors, Technicians and Operators at all levels who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of plant equipment and who will benefit from understanding the risks on their unit, mitigation of this risk and ensuring resources are more effectively utilised, thus ensuring the integrity of plant and equipment and the safety of personnel.

The design of this VILT is such that all learning styles are catered for in a participative, friendly environment. This is a highly interactive VILT. Theory, techniques and principles are presented via lecture, video, and practical case studies, then reinforced with individual and syndicate exercises. It is our goal to ensure the subject matter is relevant to all and participants will be encouraged to share experiences and give their own personal insights into the subject matter. Questions and active participation is encouraged throughout particularly at the daily wrap up sessions. This provides opportunities for participants to discuss specific issues, and if possible, find appropriate solutions. Our goal is to maximise the benefit of this VILT for every participant.

Your course leader has enjoyed a 37-year career with Shell International in a variety of leadership roles predominantly in Turnaround, Maintenance and Engineering Management before he left to pursue his interest in Turnaround and Maintenance Management consultancy. His previous positions in Shell included the following roles: Senior Maintenance Planning Manager and Turnaround Excellence Manager (Qatar Shell GTL) and Corporate Turnaround Excellence Manager at Brunei Shell Petroleum supporting BSP’s Off – Shore Exploration and On-Shore Production companies respectively. He has a wealth of experience working with organisations in reviewing and improving their Cultural Development and conducting Change Management.

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