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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This is a 4 half-day Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course that is aimed at providing professionals in the Oil & Gas business with a comprehensive set of core negotiating skills. Negotiations take place in many situations e.g. between peers, manager and subordinate, company and trade unions, company and government. The skills learnt on this VILT course will be useful in all of these situations. However, the VILT course puts a focus on the skills needed in commercial negotiations. A particular emphasis is placed on the relationship and negotiations typically carried out between client and contractor, vendor or the provider of services.

A mixture of theory, examples and practical exercises are used so that the participants understand the principles and get an opportunity to try them out. The case studies used are real cases encountered in the Oil & Gas industry.

Many technical experts find it difficult to move out of their expertise areas and deal with commercial matters. Negotiating to optimise business value is a step further from their comfort zones. All too often negotiations are then left to finance personnel. They bring many strengths to the table but an understanding of engineering trade-offs is not one of them.

By the end of this VILT course, the participants will add to their technical know-how a core competence in negotiation skills. They will thus become formidable negotiating opponents.

The VILT course is intended for middle-managers and technical and other staff who are responsible for contracts, but with limited previous exposure to negotiations, and who will need these skills in the near future.

  • Intermediate

The VILT course will be delivered online in 4 half-days consisting 4 hours per day, with 2 breaks of 10 minutes per day.

Course Duration: 4 half-day sessions, 4 hours per session (16 hours in total).

Your expert course leader is a consultant, manager and engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in a broad range of positions. He spent 15 years with the Shell group and during this time, gained extensive negotiating experience with contractors, vendors, service agents, trade unions and purchasers of equipment and products.

Over the last 15 years, he has worked with a broad range of multinational businesses across the globe in a wide range of negotiation related roles including:

  • Developing negotiating capability and skillsets
  • Advising on negotiation strategies
  • Establishing Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnerships, &
  • Remediating Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnerships

He has many years of teaching experience to technical staff – both in a corporate setting, and in an academic setting – for Melbourne University in Melbourne, Australia. Several thousand people from around the world have benefited from his courses. He brings an engineer’s practical perspective, and can readily empathize with technical staff making forays into the commercial world of negotiations. He is joint author (with Professor Danny Samson) of Patterns of Excellence ISBN 0273638769, published by Financial Times Management. This has been adopted by a number of blue chip companies as the core text for management development.

Corporate Experience:

15 years with Shell in a broad range of international & domestic technical and managerial and change management roles.

Consulting Experience:

  • 5 Years with McKinsey Consulting Group
  • 4 Years with Melbourne Business School

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Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

The trainer has done a very good job. He is a very good facilitator and has enabled me to increase knowledge in negotiating for various situations.

Project Manager, CUEL Limited

I have gained new knowledge and tools that can be used.

Rig Manager, Seadrill

Excellent service from registration until the end of the program. Excellence hospitality from Hotel.

Maintenance Department, Oil & Gas

The training is an eye-opener for me, thru it complete coverage of deliberators of the topics.

Executive, MRCSB