About this Training Course 

The prospect maturation process, from a lead to a drillable prospect, is at the heart of the exploration business. This 5-day course will cover all aspects of the prospect maturation process: play understanding in the context of regional geological understanding; detailed prospect evaluation; realistic risk & volume assessment consistent with the play understanding and prospect details, and an introduction to exploration economics. Throughout the course, there is a strong focus on pragmatic (geo) logical approach for assessing those aspects that are input parameters for a meaningful assessment of prospect risks and volumes, with emphasis on a balanced integration of contributions from different sub-surface disciplines. In addition, an introduction of unconventional gas will be given with emphasis on the differences between conventional and unconventional gas and the implications for evaluation of prospects.

At the end of the course, the participants will have a good understanding of the essentials for realistic risk and volume assessments of exploration prospects. The course should allow participants to produce well-considered and realistic assessments for prospects they may be working on, and to understand and constructively challenge risk and volume assessments of colleagues and/or partners/competitors. Each topic is introduced by a lecture, and learning is re-enforced by practical exercises and discussions. Hand-out materials in paper and/or electronic format will be provided.

What this course will cover in 5 days:

This course describes the various aspects that need to be considered in the prospect maturation process, including:

  • Play development in the context of a sound understanding of the regional geology
  • Detailed prospect evaluation and understanding of the critical aspects of traps, reservoirs, seals and charge\Examples from plays and prospects in different basin settings from around the globe
  • Realistic and pragmatic risk and volume assessment, based on the geological understanding of plays and prospects
  • An introduction to Unconventional Gas resources, highlighting the main differences between conventional and unconventional exploration
  • An introduction to exploration economics

Examples of plays, oil and gas fields and prospects from basins from around the world, including from Australia, will be given.

This course is designed primarily for Geoscientists who have been working for several years in exploration and who want to improve their expertise of the prospect maturation process and risk and volume assessment, as well as for their direct supervisors.

It will also benefit staff from disciplines working closely with exploration staff including Prospect Portfolio Analysts, Petrophysicists, Geophysicists and Reservoir Engineers.

Each topic is introduced by a lecture, and learning is re-enforced by practical exercises and discussions. Hand-out materials in paper and/or electronic format will be provided.

Dr. Jan de Jager has a PhD in Geology from the University of Utrecht. He joined Shell in 1979 as an exploration geologist, and worked in several locations around the world such as Netherlands, Gabon, USA, Australia, Argentina, and Malaysia in technical and management positions. During the last 10 years of his career, he was responsible for the quality assurance of Shell’s exploration prospects in many parts of the world and for upgrading and replenishing Shell’s global exploration portfolio. During this period, he had also developed extensive expertise in Prospect Risk and Volume assessments for which he ran successful internal training programmes. Following his retirement from Shell in 2010, Dr Jan de Jager took on a position as part-time professor at the University of Amsterdam and also serves as a consultant exploration advisor for various E&P companies.