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About this Training

This course covers fixed roof tanks and floating roof tanks and explains their basic design, construction and essential maintenance with particular emphasis on how these issues control hydrocarbon vapour emissions. The course explains the features of these tanks and the equipment normally fitted on them.

This workshop has been extended to include the aluminium geodesic dome roof and fully explains the concept of this type of tank roof and its application in the storage tankage market. It explains practical measures that tank operators can take to ensure their tanks operate within the international requirements on release of unnecessary hydrocarbon emissions.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to understand:

  • The basic design and construction of various types of storage tanks
  • The terminology used in the storage tankage industry
  • The equipment specified and installed in storage tanks to control vapour emissions including a special section on the aluminium geodesic dome roof
  • The effect on health and the environment due to hydrocarbon vapour emissions
  • The way vapor emissions can be detected and measured
  • A number of practical measures that tank design and maintenance engineers can take to control vapor emissions

The course is intended for individuals who working in the storage tankage business. The following personnel will benefit from the knowledge shared in this course:

  • Refinery and import terminal operators
  • Refinery and export terminal operators
  • Refinery and import terminal maintenance personnel
  • Refinery and export terminal maintenance personnel
  • Tank contractors
  • Construction manager
  • Superintendents
  • Tank consultant
  • Basic or Foundation

Your expert course leader has more than 40 years’ experience and expertise in the international storage tankage industry. He has provided impartial advice to many companies on the Design and Operation of Storage Tanks and his practical approach to the complicated subject. Prior to provide consultancy service, he has worked at Toyo Kanetsu KK (TKK) in Middle East based in Abu Dhabi; Mobil Oil as Resident Engineer based in Norway; Motherwell Bridge Engineering as Site Manager based in UK and UAE.

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