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As the world transitions towards a more sustainable energy future, green hydrogen has emerged as a promising solution with numerous applications and environmental benefits. However, the successful deployment of green hydrogen projects relies heavily on robust financial strategies and a deep understanding of the associated investment opportunities and challenges.

Throughout this VILT course, participants will delve into the intricate details of financing green hydrogen projects, going beyond the basics. Participants will learn to apply financial modelling techniques to assess project feasibility, build robust financial models, and navigate risk management strategies specific to the green hydrogen industry.

In addition, participants will explore the various stages of project development, from feasibility studies and site selection to financing options and regulatory frameworks. Participants will gain insights into structuring financing agreements, understanding offtake agreements, power purchase agreements and leveraging government policies and incentives.

Participants will be provided the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the financial landscape of green hydrogen projects, equipped with real-world skills to make informed decisions, assess investment opportunities, mitigate risks, and contribute to the transition towards a sustainable, hydrogen-based economy.

This course will be delivered face-to-face over 5-half day sessions, comprising of 4 hours per day. Course Duration: 20 hours in total, 20 CPD points. This course can also be delivered through classroom training for 3 consecutive days.

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