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This course aims to help geologists, geophysicists, stratigraphers and reservoir engineers gain a thorough understanding of the concepts and practical applications of sequence stratigraphy through integration of seismic sequence stratigraphy with well log sequence stratigraphy and the application of biostratigraphy to sequence stratigraphy.

The course examines the geological principles, processes and terminology related to the interpretation and use of seismic sequence stratigraphy and its integration with well log sequence stratigraphy and biostratigraphy. Concepts are illustrated with field examples of seismic, well-log, core, and outcrop data and reinforced with practical exercises using real data.

Course Content in Summary:

  1. Introduction to concepts, eustatic controls, seismic stratigraphy and definition of key terms.
  2. Controls - eustatic and basinal controls, accommodation and equilibrium types, systems tracts and systems tract boundaries.
  3. Sequences and systems tracts – highstand, falling stage, lowstand, transgressive and shelf margin systems tracts.
  4. Key surfaces and their identification from well logs, core, outcrop and seismic reflections.
  5. Sequence expression in well logs - log characters of parasequences, maximum flooding surfaces and criteria for picking sequence boundaries.
  6. Interpretation of systems tracts from well logs - integration of well log sequence stratigraphy with seismic sequence stratigraphy.
  7. Seismic expression of sequences - Interpretation of seismic reflections in depositional sequences - seismic sequence; seismic facies.
  8. Clastic and carbonate depositional environments - depositional responses to changes in relative sea level. Mixed systems and evaporites.
  9. Variations on the model.
  10. A review of application and exploration significance.

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