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Business Impact: The main aim is to provide insight and understanding of data analytics and machine learning principles through applications. Field data is used to explain data-analysis workflows. Using easy to follow solution scripts, the participants will assess and extract value from the data sets. Hands-on solution approach will give them confidence to try out applicable techniques on data from their field assets.

Data analysis means cleaning, inspecting, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering new, useful information and supporting decision-making. In this hands-on 2-day training course, the participants learn some data analysis and data science techniques and workflows applied to petroleum production (specifically artificial lift) while reviewing code and practicing. The focus is on developing data-driven models while keeping our feet closer to the underlying oil and gas production principles.

Unique Features:

  • Eight business use cases covering their business impact, code walkthroughs for most all and solution approach.
  • Industry data sets for participants to practice on and take home.
  • No software or complicated Python frameworks required.

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