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Time is money in the oil business. Drilling time is big money. Whether in a technical, managerial or supporting role, you are a valuable asset to ensuring that project delivery targets are met and profits are realised. As drilling activities continue, professionals like you must grasp the language and technology of drilling operations in order to maximise expenditures throughout the producing life of a well.

Drilling equipment and procedures have a unique language that must be conquered for maximum benefit. Clear and understandable explanations of drilling rig equipment, procedures, and their complex interactions provide an excellent foundation for smooth communication and increased efficiency in inter-department project team efforts.

This 2-day course will help you de-mystify activities around the rig and well planning. It will explain the fundamentals of drilling with an emphasis on key areas such as logistical considerations, costing, and analysis of drilling contracts. Understand the urgency of drilling requests, know more about the cost implications of drilling-related problems, and understand the risks involved in a drilling contract. With the course director’s drilling knowledge and skills, this is your opportunity to explore and understand important drilling concepts, principles, and technology which are presented in a reader-friendly format and illustrated with examples. As a non-drilling professional, you too can grow with the drilling industry with a deeper understanding of the critical role you play in contributing to its success!

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