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Across Asia-Pacific, there is rapid escalation of investments in renewables, driven by rising populations and the green nature of the renewables market in the region which is underpinned by relatively attractive government support initiatives. The specific role that Power Purchase Agreements play in supporting the growth of renewables cannot be downplayed. This driving force – together with an ongoing deregulation of several electricity markets across Asia – is powering the energy transition. However, there are also challenges as a result of the global energy crisis which creates issues in several markets.

During this course, the expert course leader will share his perspective and 30 years of practical and academic expertise on the current developments of deregulated markets in Europe, Australia and the United States. He will also discuss the situation for the deregulation and design of a competitive electricity market place today and in the future for Asia with specific emphasis on the role of renewables.

By participating in this course, participants will gain the required knowledge, insights and access to best practices to successfully operate in the changing electricity market environment of their country.

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