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Asia Pacific is set to be the largest and fastest growing Hydrogen market globally. This growth is driven by decarbonisation of energy-use, ammonia production and rising demand of fuel cell electric vehicles. Hydrogen as a fuel has outstanding energy carrying capacity and many application possibilities ranging from Petroleum refinery, Ammonia and Methanol production, Transportation and Power generation. Although the current petrochemical market segment will remain strongest in the near future, it is the transport and power sector which spurs the vision of a massive market takeoff in the next decade. The ever-rising share of renewable energies require flexible and scalable storage solutions, which in turn offers many additional revenue streams beyond pure electricity sales. Adding to this the strong impetus towards decarbonization of the transport sector from cars, trucks, trains to ships and even airplanes creates the breed for an exciting and yet untapped market potential. This course aims to clarify and assess the hydrogen business case along its value chain and versatile market applications.

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