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Gas wells are the most uncertain hence critical component of any gas production system. A successful gas project relies on a reliable forecast of gas well production and on timely implementation of measures that restore, sustain and improve gas well capacity, and maximize reserves. This 5-day course provides the skills to understand and analyze (changes in) gas well performance, and to select and design those remedial measures. It addresses all four gas well components i.e. reservoir performance, inflow performance, outflow performance and surface performance, individually and combined.

In depletion-drive reservoirs, the gas well outflow performance becomes inevitably compromised as the reservoir pressure depletes and the gas rate becomes insufficient to lift liquid water and condensate to surface. This condition is referred to as liquid loading and causes significant loss of well capacity and reserves. This 5-day course provides the means to recognize and predict liquid loading, introduces the deliquification techniques that mitigate liquid loading, and then teaches how to select, design, install and operate the optimum suite of deliquification measures.

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