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This 5 full-day course covers all the main elements of IChemE’s Process Safety Competency framework: culture, knowledge and competence, engineering and design, human factors, systems and procedures, and assurance. Participants will achieve at least the second level of competence ‘Basic Application’, which is defined as ‘Performs fundamental and routine tasks. Requires occasional supervision. Increased functional expertise and ability. Works with others.’

This course examines the interrelation of the various techniques of process safety for analysing and managing process hazards in the hydrocarbon and chemical processing industries. There is a particular emphasis on engineering design aspects with extensive participation in individual and group exercises, tutored exercises and video case studies throughout the course to underpin key learning points. The learning is consolidated in a comprehensive case study and requires collaboration between members of each syndicate.

This course has been reviewed and approved by the Institution of Chemical Engineers. IChemE is the global professional membership organisation for chemical, biochemical and process engineers and other professionals involved in the chemical, process and bioprocess industries. Their knowledge of professional standards, close involvement with industry, education and regulators, and their expertise as a leading global training provider, means they are uniquely positioned to independently assess and approve training courses and professional development programmes across the world.

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