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As the global energy landscape shifts towards sustainability, the petroleum refining industry is under immense pressure to decarbonise its operations and produce cleaner fuels. Pivotable technologies require hydrogen. These include hydroprocessing and the synthesis of ammonia and methanol. At present, most hydrogen is manufactured via steam/methane reforming, which consumes significant amounts of energy while coproducing tremendous amounts of CO2. Hence, recovering, purifying, and reusing hydrogen is a win-win scenario. At relatively low cost, hydrogen network optimisation enables refineries to meet stringent environmental regulations while increasing profitability and decreasing carbon emissions.

Participants will learn a methodology for optimising hydrogen use in petroleum refineries. The course presents overviews of major hydrogen producers, which can include catalytic reformers, steam/methane reformers, electrolysers, partial oxidation plants, olefin plants, gas-to-liquid plants, FCC units, and cokers. In addition, participants will receive an overview of hydrogen purifiers – amine treaters, lean-oil absorbers, PSA units, cryogenic units, and semi-permeable membranes with emphasis on the impacts of hydrogen purity on downstream hydrogen consumers.

Through case studies, participants will see examples of hydrogen network analysis, simulation, optimisation, and integration. The course also explores the linkages between refinery hydrogen networks, ammonia and methanol plants, as well as over-the-fence hydrogen supply options. Participants will receive guidance on how to adopt such strategies within their own organisations.

This course will be delivered face-to-face over 3-day sessions, comprising of 8 hours per day, 1 hour lunch and 2 breaks of 15 minutes per day. Course Duration: 8 hours in total, 24 CPD points. This course can also be delivered through Virtual Inspector Led Training.

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