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Operators worldwide are searching for new ways to produce their existing matured assets. With the current average recovery factor of around 35%, there is still a lot of oil left in reservoirs that are well characterised. This demand to recover more oil from existing assets continues to fuel interest in applying Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques in Asia and across the world. This course addresses the relevance and basic concepts of various EOR techniques. EOR techniques are often grouped in three main areas: thermal EOR (e.g. steam soak and SAGD), chemical EOR (e.g. low-salinity waterflooding, polymer and surfactant flooding) and Gas EOR (like HC gas and CO2 injection). The fundamentals of each of these areas will be discussed and through simple exercises, the participants will get an understanding of the relevance of various parameters. But more importantly, participants will also understand and appreciate the short comings of various techniques and how these could be addressed in a specific field application or via ongoing research activities. Based on the key characteristics of various EOR techniques, the most relevant screening criteria will be explained.

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